The Legacies Of Trees

The Legacies Of Trees
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Adoptee Commonality - 30 Things We Share

Here are 30 things you may have in common with other adoptees. Add your own.

You have a picture of you that doesn't look like you and you tell everyone it is your bro/sis.

You leave your Facebook semi open in case your Bfamily is looking for you.

You pick whatever cultural heritage (B or A) fits the situation when asked.

You visit the doctor and have to write UNKNOWN on your medical history.

You have to wonder if you are related to your new boy/girlfriend.

You have thought when looking in the mirror of which parts of you came from where....(including aliens)

You try really hard to remember your mother's face or voice, but can't.

You think you'd know your mother if you saw her but wonder if everyone woman that age is your mother.

You are told how much your kids look like you but you don't know who YOU look like.

You can't get a passport because the only birth certificate you're allowed to have is incomplete

You know what AP, OBC, B, N, or F stand for.

Just hearing the word 'adoption' makes your heart skip a beat (and not in a good way.)

People say, "oh, you're adopted! how cool!"

You know more about people-finding Internet sites than the average private investigator.

People ask you if you would have rather been an abortion.

You were born from your mothers heart instead because she couldn't have kids.

You have no baby pictures prior to your adopted parents.

The word "grateful" makes you cringe.

You have a childhood fantasy where you're part of a large family where you all look alike.

You are obviously not caucasian and tell everyone you are German, Irish , Polish ect.

You have no clue who gave birth to you.

You secretly wish on your birthday cake candles to be happy or to find your family someday.

You can pretend you don't know your Aparents when out in public together.

You have two birth certificates....a real one and a fake one.

"Adopt a Highway" signs bothers you and you didn't realize how much until just now.

You had trouble giving away stuffed animals to the GoodWill or throwing toys away.

You're supposed to be interested in history class, but are not supposed to show interest in your own history.

You see people's reaction once they hear your name.

Your parents can't tell you how big you were at birth or what time of day your were born at.

Strangers think nothing of saying you ought to be grateful you were 'taken in'.

Someone has to remind you who your REAL mother is.

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  1. What do these letters stand for? I recognize Original Birth Certificate, and I am especially interested in understanding F (foster, maybe?).

    You know what AP, OBC, B, N, or F stand for.
    You know you’re adopted when…you know what AP, PAP, OBC, ABC, and any combination of letters starting with B, N, or F stand for.

    Thank you, Christine, your writings help a lot.