The Legacies Of Trees

The Legacies Of Trees
Children face loss in the best of homes. Adoption is not always a better life but a different one. Support The Legacies of Trees.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Top 10 Things Adoptees Hate To Hear

If you can't understand why these things are so awful..then you DON'T understand what it is like to be adopted.

1. You are so lucky to be adopted/ I wish I was adopted
2. You should be grateful for the life your Bmom gave you
3. You were "given up" out of love, you had a better life
4. You could have been aborted/left in a dumpster
5. Why would you want to find her she gave you away
6. Aren't you glad you didn't grow up with them
7. I know (so and so) who is adopted and they are glad and never felt the need to search you should let sleeping dogs lie.
8. You should be grateful for your real parents and searching will hurt them.
9. It was meant to be ...get over it
10. I don't even care about my family history why should you?


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