The Legacies Of Trees

The Legacies Of Trees
Children face loss in the best of homes. Adoption is not always a better life but a different one. Support The Legacies of Trees.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Legacies of Trees - All Book Sales Go To Charity

The Legacies of Trees - Christine Moran : Xlibris

Trees prevent erosion, produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Trees are loved for their aesthetic appeal and their wood is used to build and heat our homes. They were often regarded as sacred in ancient times and still play a role in many of the world's mythologies. Some trees are so ancient that only legend can record their true origins. The root system is the key to the tree's survival. This is also true for people. Adopted children face loss in the most loving of homes. Our ancestors and family history help give us a sense of belonging and define who we are. Adoption is a life-long issue that deals with identity and the broken thread of family continuity. Being adopted is not always a better life, but a different one.

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