The Legacies Of Trees

The Legacies Of Trees
Children face loss in the best of homes. Adoption is not always a better life but a different one. Support The Legacies of Trees.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Born Alone

I was born kicking and screaming into this world alone
My mother went on to marry and have children of her own

They gave me away to strangers before they even met me
I never has a chance to know her before she walked away and left me.

They said that I'd be better off with parents who were older
The pain would haunt us both our lives but this they never told her.

I was only 3 days old when she kissed my head goodbye
They never let her see me they told her I'd be fine

They told her I was already with a loving, caring family
But I was in a foster home where no one loved and held me

I rocked back and forth to soothe myself and others banged their heads
We listened for our mothers voice and figured she was dead

I screamed all day for my mother and only faced the wall
The doctors gave me shots of phenolbarbitol

Many sad months passed until I met the one
Who would raise me as her own but the damage was already done

My name had been removed and my vital records sealed
This did not change who I was or the hand that fate would deal

I looked out my window and waited for the day
That I would turn 18 and look at my own face

Adoption stole my family and gave me an empty shell
A false identity, isolation and for some a living hell

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